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Auto moderate your chat with XanBot

How to set up your Twitch channel with XanBot

Inviting Xanbot to the party

Always wanted to have a bot that will moderate your viewers on your Twitch channel so you can focus on streaming? Xanbot is the perfect solution! The first thing your going to want to do is add Xanbot to your Twitch chat:

  • Login to your Twitch account and go to Xangold channel or On the chat room type in !join, this will give the bot permission to join your channel.
  • Now visit your own channel and type /mod Xanbot. this will add Xanbot as a moderator and give it access to moderator permissions. 
  • To make sure that Xanbot is moderating your channel type in !test and then check if Xanbot responds.
Now you have Xanbot on your channel
Xanbot commands overview
Default settings of Xanbot
  • Caps filtering is off by deafult
  • Symbols filtering (ASCII code etc.) is on by default
  • Emote moderation is on by default, removing messages containing more than four emotes.
  • Links filtering is off by default.


  • 1 - Xangold
  • 100 - Twitch Staff
  • 200 - Admins (Xanbot and Twitch)
  • 250 - Broadcaster
  • 300 - Owners (not yet implemented)
  • 400 - Channel Mods
  • 500 - Subscribers
  • 550 - Twitch Turbo users
  • 600 - Normal users

This is the list of user levels that Xanbot looks for when people query it. The commands to set a channel into a mode is “!set mode”. So, for instance if you only wanted “Channel Mods” and users of higher authority to be able to interact with Xanbot you would input !set mode 400

A command is an input which triggers a response from Xanbot. (e.g. !testAdding custom commands is done with the following syntax.

!command <add> <name like !example> <message for xanbot to say>

For example: !command add !hello Hello to you too…

This will add !hello as a command, when someone types !hello in the chat Xanbot will respond with “Hello to you too…”

You also have the ability to add a user level to a command.

!command add 250 !awesome You are awesome!!!

This will make it so only yourself and the broadcaster (and users of higher authority) can use the

command !awesome

You can remove a custom command via an input like the following:

!command remove !awesome

You can list or clear all of the custom commands in your channel by entering:

!command list


!command clear

Using !repeat can only repeat an existing custom command, not test, so it’s important to have the command to be repeated prepared already, like we did above.

You can select two variables in how often the command will be repeated:

  • Time, in seconds (minimum of 30 seconds)
  • Number of messages

For example:

!repeat add !awesome 600 10

By inputting the above command would make Xanbot repeat “You are awesome!!!” every 600 seconds (10 minutes) only IF 10 messages have been sent in the chat since the last time it went off.

You can list or clear all of the repeats in your channel by enterring.

!repeat list


!repeat clear

Auto Replies
Having auto-reply have many uses especially for frequently asked questions and are easily configured!

The syntax for autoreplies is as follows (where * is a wildcard).

!autoreply add *phrase*goes*here* “response goes here.”

A wildcard is a symbol that indicates “anything else goes here.” For one-word autoreplies, you don’t need to worry about them.

For example:

!autoreply add *xanbot*real*person* No, I’m not a real person.

You can list or clear all of the autoreplies in your channel by entering:

!autoreply list


!autoreply clear

You can add a word or phrase to the banphrases with the following syntax

!banphrase add *word*or*phrase*to*ban*

For example:

!banhprase add *banana*

Would timeout anyone who’s message includes the word “banana”

You can list or clear all of the banphrases in your channel by entering:

!banphrase list


!banphrase clear


Xanbot comes jam-packed with filters for the chat (e.g. things likes caps, symbols, /me) that you can use to your advantage to help control the way you want your chat to flow. It even has a “kickreasons” option that can post in chat why someone has been timed out. The full list list and syntax of these filters can be found here:

Note: there is no risk in modding Xanbot as it is a program which is developed and run by Twitch staff member. (see:
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