• XSplit ❤ #IndieDev

    The Indie[dot]XSplit program empowers indie developers of all sizes to create the best community live streams possible, by giving creators a 12 Month XSplit Premium License free of charge. All enhanced features, zero cost. 

    By joining this program you can help us make XSplit the industry standard, while also creating high quality broadcast content, with a revolutionary audio/video mixing application that anyone can learn to master.

  • Indie[dot]XSplit @ PAX South 2016

    Our new documentary where we talk to indie dev's about live streaming

    Indie[dot]XSplit Showcase

    In January 2016 XSplit, AVerMedia, MSI Gaming & Devolver Digital teamed up to create the Indie[dot]XSplit stage, showcasing over thirty developers as they share their latest games with presenter Chris Slight and the XSplit team. 

    During the event we shot a documentary interviewing some of indie gaming's leading voices to hear their thoughts on PAX South and Live Streaming. Enjoy!

  • So how do I get an XSplit license?

    Follow our handy steps to get started

    Click the sign up button below, and then fill it out with details about your current projects and organization.

    Your application will then be sent to the XSplit team where we will check and ensure everything is legit. 

    Finally we will then activate your account with an XSplit Premium license, and you will receive a confirmation email.

  • Why is streaming important for indie developers?

    Since the advent of Twitch in 2011, video game streaming has seen huge growth over the years. While eSports events were the original focus, the introduction of software like XSplit Broadcaster has made it possible for a wider range of content creators to broadcast their gameplay. This new wave of streamers brought a wide assortment of video games coverage to an ever growing and hungry audience.


    This now gives developers an opportunity to use live streaming as a platform not only to promote their game but also cultivate a community through audience interaction and consistent scheduling. Put simply, Live Streaming should be considered part of the same social media landscape of any other platform, both as a means of promotion for finding and growing your audience.

    With an XSplit license, we can give you access to easy to use professional level software, as well as provide you with the necessary resources to create a high quality broadcast. 

  • Let's be honest, streaming is big

    Live streaming has become a global phenomenon thanks to Twitch, with a viewership that is growing exponentially

    16 Billion

    Minutes Watched per month on Twitch

    100 Million

    Unique Viewers per month

    11 Million

    Total Broadcasters per Month

    1 Million

    Peak Concurrent Viewers in 2014

  • Case Studies

    Indie Developers that use XSplit for their broadcasts

      Jason Pugh | BoneLoaf
    "XSplit really is an awesome piece of kit! I started using the software during development of GangBeasts in order to capture video from a variety of sources, which up until that point I was having great difficulty doing with other software. 

    I'm relatively new to capturing and live streaming gameplay, but with XSplit Broadcaster I have found the process simple and hassle-free. XSplit Broadcaster is easy to use, and I would recommend to developers and anyone else looking to capture video sources"

    Rami Ismail | Vlambeer 

    "Livestreaming has become a critical part of Vlambeer's development process over the course of the past few years. We develop live, we discuss changelogs with thousands of viewers in person, and we announce big features to the game directly through our own channels.


    Livestreaming has given us crucial feedback, raised our spirits when we were struggling through rough patches of development, and allowed us to reach and sustain an amazing community. Thanks to XSplit, we didn’t have to worry about the technicalities of streaming, and we were free to focus on making our stream the best we could."

    Dan Marshall | Size Five Games

    "I wasted a day endlessly tinkering with boring settings on some other bits of video capture software, trying to grab high resolution, high quality footage for The Swindle's launch trailer.


    At my wit's end, someone suggested I look into XSplit, and it worked first time, with an amazingly clean, simple interface. Can't recommend it enough."

    Patryk Kowalik | Elysian Shadows  

       “XSplit was what got me into streaming to begin with. At the time it was cheap even for the pro version and blew the competitors out of the water. As for streaming itself, it helped me stay more on schedule and connect with fans; I still remember fondly when I and chat were brainstorming design for one of most important characters in the game.


     It's a great way to show the true - if somewhat tedious at times - face of gamedev and update fans on progress. Last but not least, it has crazy amount of discoverability - every time I stream there's someone randomly wandering in and asking wtf am I doing - good way to connect with new fans”

    Louis Deane | Gateway Interactive


    "For small indie studios like ours it's really important we are constantly finding new ways to get in touch with players. For us player reaction and interaction are the core of everything we do.



    For us to be able to run out to a hardware store, grab a couple of video cameras and a console capture card, plug them into XSplit and within hours be live with a professional slick webcast was awesome! And super important as it made putting it together easy and enjoyable so we had more time and energy for our players."

    Simon Lachance | Bezerk Studio


    "Streaming what I do every day helps me stay focus and motivated.  I MUST work, no excuses. It also helped me to be more creative.  I've explored weird ideas while I was streaming just to entertain my audience but most of the time, I kept those ideas in the final game.

    I had no experience in streaming when I started. I wasn't even watching streams! I chose XSplit because of its simplicity and support.  I'm streaming every day with Xsplit now and I have no complaints, I know I can rely on them."

  • Broadcast with #XSplitV2

    Simple yet powerful live streaming and recording software

    XSplit Broadcaster is a revolutionary audio/video mixing application that allows anyone to create professional quality live broadcasts and video recordings using a simple and intuitive interface that anyone can master. Creating a live stream or recording with XSplit Broadcaster is a simple and intuitive process. Simply drag and drop multimedia sources into the mixer and resize and rearrange until you have the perfect scene. Create up to twelve scenes and dynamically switch between them all while broadcasting live.

  • Resources & Guides

    Need help setting up your first Dev Stream? Take a look at our handy guides to help you get started. 


  • Apply to join the XSplit Indie Developers Program

    Once you have completed this application it will be sent to the XSplit community team in order to verify all information is present and correct.

  • Recommended System Requirements


    In order to produce a high quality broadcast, the XSplit team recommend the following: 





    For HD 720p Streaming

    2nd Generation Core i5 or equivalent

    For HD 1080p Streaming

    2nd Generation Core i7 or equivalent





    Graphics Card

    GeForce/Radeon Class (DirectX 10.1 or better)

    Capture Card
    PCIE: AVerMedia Live Gamer HD 

    USB 3.0 AVerMedia Extremcap U3

    Other Recommended hardware

    Logitech C920

    Blue USB Microphone (Yeti, Snowball etc)

    For a complete overview of supported hardware please refer to the following page


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SplitmediaLabs Limited reserves the rights to discontinue the Indie[dot]XSplit Program at any time or determine at its sole discretion, not to approve an application under the program, for any reason. Should the program be discontinued, any and all licenses granted under the program will continue to be valid for the remaining duration of the license, except in cases where the license has been granted based on gross misrepresentation of facts by the applicant.